ME 948

A two part 100% solids epoxy resin system suitable for use as a binder with graded aggregate to form an impervious and highly chemical resistant floor topping.

Directions for Use

The resin and hardener are supplied in the correct proportions for use. Blend both components to ensure uniform mixing is acheived. A low speed drill with a mixing head attached is the preferred method. Ensure that when applying to concrete floors the substrate is free from loose and drummy concrete and laitance should be removed by acid etching or shot blasting. New concrete should be allowed to cure for minimum 21 days prior to application. All other contaiminants should be removed prior to application to ensure maximum adhesion. Steel surfaces should be blasted to class 2.5 For application as a repair mortar or chemical resistant floor, mix sufficient clean double washed sand of selected grade to provide a trowelable mix. As a grout, ensure grout holes are clean and free from water and dust. Pour slowly to avoid air entrapment. A 10mm bolt clearance is required. ME 948 in available in 30 litre, 6 litre and 3 litre packs.
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