A simple high strength, thixotropic, epoxy gap filling paste and adhesive. This product is ideally suited for structural bonding of concrete, masonry stone and benchtops. Available in either a fast set epoxy paste (5 minute pot life, 10 minute fixing time @ 1mm thinck) or slow set epoxy paste (120 minute pot life, 240 minute fixing time @ 1mm thick).

Directions for Use

The resin and hardener are packaged separately and supplied in the correct proportions for use. Mix ratio 1:1 by weight or volume. Incorrect mixing ratios of resin/hardener will result in incomplete cure. Ensure joints are clean and free from loose material or other contaminants. Joints should be clean and dry. MP5 and MP120 is supplied in 2ltr, 4ltr and 20ltr kits. Use Xylene to clean up. Specialised colours can be made to order.
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