Penetrating Sealer 103

Solvent based, natural look, superior level protective, penetrating sealer for granite, marble, natural stone, concrete, pressed pavers and reconstituted stone. Sealer 103 is designed particularly for high level protection of dense surfaces (granite, bluestone etc), high traffic areas such as drives, patios and foyers, bathrooms and other areas requiring high level protection. It is a natural look sealer for interior and exterior use. A two coat application, wet on wet, will give sufficient protection provided application guidelines are met. The application of Sealer 103 will not affect the slip resistance of the surface. Available in 1, 4 & 20 Litre containers.

Directions for use

Power wash surfaces to be treated. Remove oil, grease and soil stains with the recommended Miteq cleaner. Ensure surface is completely dry prior to sealing. Use material directly from can. Do not dilute. Always test a small area prior to commencement to ascertain the effect of the sealer on the surface. Apply to the prepared surface by brush, solvent resistant roller or low pressure spray. Apply evenly, do not allow sealer to pool. Do not use above 30°C or below 10°C or if rain is imminent. Sealer 103 can be re-applied at any time following initial application providing the surface has been suitably cleaned and loose material has been removed. The sealed surface will be suitable for use after 24 hours. Allow 3-4m2/litre per coat on porous surfaces and 5-6m2/litre on dense surfaces. Coverage will depend on surface porosity and substrate type. Exposure to water may cause material to cure in the container. Shelf Life - 12 months in unopened containers. Read all warnings.
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