Surface Sealer 100

Entry level, water based acrylic surface sealer for polished concrete, exposed aggregate and ll hard surfaces including natural stone. As a surface sealer, Sealer 100 is designed for those who prefer the "wet look" appearance while providing a high level of protection. While this coating may sit in our entry level price structure the durability is very good. Sealer 100 is UV stable ensuring long life. Available in 4 & 20 litre containers.

Directions for use

Power wash surfaces to be treated, where applicable, existing sealer should be stripped with the recommended Miteq stripper prior to commencement. Remove oil, grease and soil stains with the recommended Miteq cleaner. Surface may be damp for application. Any pools or puddles of water should be removed prior to sealing. Use material directly from can. Do not dilute. Always test a small area prior to commencement to ascertain the effect of the sealer on the surface. Apply sealer to the prepared surface by brush, solvent resistant roller, airless spray or lamb's wool pad. Apply evenly, do not allow sealer to pool. Recoat after initial application has dried, usually after 30 minutes at ambient temperature is sufficient. Coating can be buffed to a high gloss finish. Allow 24 hours prior to buffing. Do not use above 30°C or below 5°C or if rain is imminent. Allow 50-80sqm/litre. Coverage will depend on surface porosity and substrate type. Shelf Life – 12 months in unopened containers. Read all warnings.
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