About Miteq

Miteq are manufacturers of specialized building products, sealers and cleaners for use on all types of masonry and concrete surfaces. We manufacture sealers for all types of natural and man made stones ranging from Marble, Granite, Bluestone, Sandstone and other cementitious based products.

We have gained the trust and recommendations of some of the largest paving manufacturers in Australia.

The extensive range includes:

• Sealers and adhesives
• Cleaners
• Epoxy resins

in various formulations and options specific to each task.

Miteq have spent over 20 years developing and refining these products to perform to their utmost in the harsh Australian environment.

Although Masonry products have proven themselves over a long period in Europe, Australia provides unique challenges requiring the innovation which makes this range possible and effective.

Miteq is a fully owned Australian manufacturing company which started life in the business of treating Masonry surfaces in both domestic and commercial settings.

The team soon identified the need for more effective products. This resulted in the creation of a refined range which has for many years been available only to professionals in the trade.

Today the entire range is also available to the public for DIY users, to contractor standard, in convenient quantities with back up advice and technical support.

Browse this website and you will find the ideal product for your Masonry project.

We welcome your suggestions or queries through our feedback line