Miteq products are designed for ease of use and maximum protection for your masonry surfaces.

A little common sense, care and occasional maintenance will ensure longevity.

• All spillages should be wiped up ASAP
• Keep areas clean by sweeping regularly
• Keep mats at external doorways
• Never leave products on the surface that may stain (chlorine, metal, fertilizers, etc)

Cleaning Spills

1. Clean up spills by blotting with paper towel or an absorbent cloth.
2. Where marks are left, determine what the mark is, then use the appropriate cleaner. Try Cleaner 301 first or contact Miteq for assistance.

Remember to always test cleaning products in a small inconspicuous area before complete application, to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

General Cleaning

1. Regular cleaning ensures that your surface remains in the best condition.
2. Sweep areas to remove of dust, dirt, leaves etc. once a week or fortnight.
3. Clean all sealed areas with Cleaner 301 monthly to ensure dirt is removed from the pores. It is not necessary to use high pressure washing every time.
4. Treat any areas effected by mould and/or mildew every 6 months. This will slow regrowth. Once the mould is removed, rinse paving clean. Treat heavily effected areas more regularly.
5. Surfaces will need to be resealed from time to time. This will depend on the type of sealer and your maintenance routine.

Miteq products are designed for DIY situations, however, if you choose, professional cleaning once a year will assist in keeping your tiles in the best possible condition.

These instructions are a general overview of good maintenance practices. As situations will vary please consult your Miteq distributor / applicator for more detailed instructions. All practices described herein may not be applicable to all surfaces. Always test any product in a small inconspicuous place before final application.