• Always seal North/South for the first coat and East/West for the second coat. This will ensure even coverage
  • Where possible, when using either a roller or applicator, seal working grout line to grout line. This will also help eliminate any streaks or lines in the centre of your stone
  • Never walk on a sealer during the curing period. Your shoes (rubber) will absorb a small amount of sealer and leave an imprint
  • Try to avoid sealing when rain is due within 8-12 hour period. If using a solvent based sealer you will stain the stone. If using a water based sealer it will wash away and need re-sealing
  • If you need to wash brushes or rollers etc use water for any water based sealers and xylene for any solvent based sealers
  • “Measure twice cut once” – the same goes for sealers. Always apply a test sample to an off-cut or inconspicuous area before sealing the total area
  • NEVER water down, mix or dilute any of the Miteq range of Sealers
  • Always start with a clean and stain free surface prior to sealing. You will avoid sealing in the stains making removal extremely, if not impossibly hard
  • All Miteq Sealers are two coat applications. By not doing this you will reduce the effectiveness of the sealer and in the case of either the surface sealers or colour enhancer may leave an uneven surface finish
  • As a rough guide Miteq penetrating sealers will average 5-6sqm/litre as a two coat application. When applying to slate, black limestone, granite and other dense products the usage expected should be around 8-10sqm/litre as a two coat application
  • Areas that have been sealed can usually be walked on after 12-24 hours and put into full service after around 48 hours
  • When using cleaners it is important to start with a weaker cleaner and work your way up to a stronger cleaner (acid based)
  • All Miteq Cleaners should be diluted before use. When using Cleaner 304 please read this guide HERE

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